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Can fasting prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases?

If you have ever lost a Grandparent to one of these diseases, you know that you would do absolutely anything to prevent having to go through this. I’ve been fasting now for about three years, off and on. When I fast, typically not eating for a 24 hour period, I drop fat and feel amazing. When I stop the intermittent fasting and go back to eating a more “regular” schedule, I feel lethargic and the weight creeps back. I am now committed to fasting regularly. Since my new commitment on January 9th of this year, I’ve dropped 15 lbs and have more energy than I can remember.  I think more clearly and logically.

Even though I’ve been eating this way for the “here and now”, I was further encouraged to see recent research that I’m also helping my brain.
Fasting can help protect against brain diseases, scientists say

A vertical slice through the brain of a patient with Alzheimer's, left, compared with a normal brain, right. Photograph: Alfred Pasieka/Science Photo Library